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The Old Collegiate Girls’ Guild

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Fax: +27 (0) 86 603 4772

Mail:  PO Box 27870
  Port Elizabeth


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Old Collegiate Girls’ Guild  
  PO Box 27870
Port Elizabeth Greenacres
Eastern Cape Port Elizabeth
South Africa 6057
Email:  Fax: +27 (0) 86 603 4772



July 2019 to June 2020

OCGG Committee - Executive 

President: Arwen Oberholzer (Bowman, 1997)
Vice-President: Pat Bransby (Mellon, 1969)

Treasurer: Catherine Waudby (Bransby, 1998)
Bursary Secretary: Pat Bransby (Mellon, 1969)
Immediate Past President: Cheryl Thompson (Gillingham, 1982)

OCGG Committee - School Representatives 

Honorary President: Melita Bagshaw (High School Headmistress)
Honorary Vice-President: Shelley van Rooyen (Junior School Headmistress) 
High School Staff: Shelly-Anne Arthur 

Junior School Staff:

Susan Whale

Media Relations:

Wendy Westraadt


OCGG Committee - Portfolios

Gaynor Berry (Lake, 1967)
Reunion Groups: Rochelle Fowlds (Klopper, 1997)
Caring Committee: Margo Schuin (Swart, 1968)
Collegiana/Archives: Faith Biggs (Retired Staff)
Events: Chelley Heyneke (Richards, 1996)
Facta non Verba:
Jenny Yates (1959)
Membership Secretary: Catherine Waudby (Bransby, 1998)
Minuting Secretary: Margo Schuin (Swart, 1968)

OCGG Committee - Additional Members

Claire Loyson (Chowles, 2002) Claire Phelps (Charlton-Perkins, 1993)
Ellie Parker (Hudson, 1957) Katherine van der Walt (Wood, 1993)
Kim Comley (Johnson, 1994) Rose von Wildemann (Cocks, 1971)





OCGG Committee Affiliates

Asanda Magaqa (2000) Cindy Levey (Wattrus, 1999)
Elizabeth van den Berg (Hobson, 1995) Kate Mey (1998)
Liz Lippstreu (Du Plessis, 1967) Mary Pittendrigh (Traill, 1968)
Moira Norden (Hibbert, 1968) Nosisa Williams (2001)
Phumza Mtshemla (2003)






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