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Maureen Phillips, Head Girl, 1947, writes:

“I was Head Girl in 1947 so was at Collegiate throughout the war years. One of the most memorable incidents of that time was the Fall of Tobruk in North Africa in June 1942 when the Midland Regiment with many otheres was taken prisoner. This meant our boarders from the Karoo regions did not see their fathers until the end of the war in 1945.

We were a scruffy lot in Senior School & photos reveal a variety of uniforms as it was not possible to obtain them or the material from which to make them. Socks and stockings were also scarce and a special school sandal was made and these became very smelly with use. Another horror was the voluninous black satin bloomers we wore and had to expose for gym.

We wore corks & home-made identification tabs round our necks. The former were meant to use when bombs fell. As a teacher at Collegiate from 1966 – 1990 I often wishes I could order chatty girls to bite on a cork.

Perhaps one of the most memorable occasions for me was the visit of Helen Keller & her companion to the school. All will know she was deaf and blind but could “feel” the applause resounding in the hall. She had learnt to speak in a halting way & when asked if she could see for a moment what object would she choose I have never forgotten her reply – ‘the face of a child’. This visit must have been after the war in 1946 as she could not have travelled easily in war time.”




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