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Co-ordinators: Mary Pittendrich (Traill, 1968) and Margo Schuin (Swart, 1968)

2009 saw the successful launch of the first, of hopefully many, Games/Entertainment Mornings at Retirement Institutions housing Old Collegiate Girls.

m_margo_and_her_uno_players.jpgOur first morning of games, which included Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Vreetens, Uno, Scrabble and Dominos was held in February, at Goue Jare.   This was the home where Muriel Watson lived for the last 9 months of her life and where there were two Old Collegiate Girls, namely, Dulcie Haskins (Dewdney) and Ella van Coller (Du Plessis, 1940).   Sadly, Ella passed away in October.

We started with 6 ladies and now have 14, plus two men!

From struggling to even move the snakes and ladders discs, they have progressed through weeks of UNO games to 80% playing Scrabble. We have managed to borrow 3 Scrabble sets, which are now in full use every week.   To see them forming words from the jumble of letters on their boards is so rewarding and it is amazing to see how their dexterity and mental ability has been enhanced. Initially we had to go and fetch them from their beds, now they are sitting and waiting for us in the Dining Room ready and keen to play.

m_scrabble_players.jpgOur top Scrabble player, Aunty Pat (87 years of age) is just too good.   Last week, her score was 268, with Margo a long way behind with 168.  Mary has managed to best her twice the whole year and I think Aunty Sue managed it once.   Keep it up Aunty Pat, we are so proud of you and you are a real challenge for all of us!

We held a Christmas party in December [see the merry pictures on the Website] and each one was given a hat to wear and a small gift.   Mary baked biscuits and Margo baked Banana Loaves – a jolly time was had by all.

Gerry Moller has advised that she is available on a Wednesday morning for a Sing-along (Gerry will bring along her guitar and sheet music) and we have decided that Maranatha in Newton Park has a need for entertainment and we know that there is one Old Collegiate girl there, namely Elsie Mangold, but there might be more - this we will establish once we start there on 10 March 2010.   Rose Rowse has intimated that she will also be available to assist with the Caring Committee.

Initially we were going to introduce the games, provide games equipment and then move on to the next Retirement Home, but if we’re not there, they don’t play. They look forward to our visits with such enthusiasm that we have decided our presence is necessary.   Obviously, we cannot be in all places at all times, therefore we are looking for volunteers who will be happy to give up 2 hours a week to assist with this project. And if you know of a home that houses an Old Collegiate Girl in need, please contact Margo on 041 360 5133 or e-mail

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