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30th April 2013

Dear Parents and  Investors in Collegiate High School for Girls

Not all of us, although gifted, left our mark on the Honours Board or the Prefect Board in our School Hall.

You may or may not be aware that as an Old Girl or a current Collegiate Girl, you may purchase your very own Pillar, which allows you to have your name put up on a plaque on that Pillar, and in doing so leave a very valuable legacy.

The pillars that support the security fence around the school are vital for the school’s security, as well as that of the girls. The school really needs help from Old Girls to pay off the debt accrued from providing this much needed structure that supports 24 hour security.

This is a wonderful and memorable token that will remain on our school grounds for many years to come. Contact Jenny Collier to purchase your Pillar. Jenny can be reached on the High school’s telephone number 041 373 7705 or by e-mailing

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