17th September 2016

KZN OCGG Update - 17 September 2016


ROBIN BROWN (KEMLO – 1947): Robin is still playing a lot of competitive bridge, and enjoying life. She enjoys the Collegiate ‘get-togethers’. On a recent visit to Port Elizabeth to attend her grandson’s graduation, Robin fell in the P.E. airport, and broke her femur. She was hospitalised in St George’s (used to be St Joseph’s), where she stayed for a week. She is well on the mend, and was the usual happy and cheerful Robin at our luncheon. 

BARBARA THOMAS (CARR – 1957): “So great to be celebrating lunch with the Natal OCGirls!”. Barbara and her husband Brian visit their boys and their families regularly. Both sons live in South Africa, one in Cape Town, and the other in Johannesburg, and they often come to Hillcrest to visit Barbara and Brian. She still enjoys gardening, and as they live in a conservancy, they enjoy the birds and various buck. They have wonderful walks. Barbara hopes to be in P.E. next year, for the 1957 60th re-union.

CATHY DAVIS (SCARR – 1982): Cathy is still living and working in Durban North. Her husband owns two retail butcheries, and she has now started working for him, doing all his admin., and financial management. She also works half-day for a financial advisor. Their two sons, Stuart and Liam are now 17 and 12 respectively, and are happy, healthy kids. Cathy is looking forward to her Class of ’82,  thirty-five year re-union in P.E. next year.

DEIRDRE MORRIS (GATES – 1967): Deirdre still plays a lot of competitive bridge, and bowls. She says she is lucky to be kept busy since her husband died in 2012. Three of her children and their families live in Johannesburg, and her eldest son and his family live in London, so she travels quite often. She moved to Kew Gardens, where she is very happy. HELENE EICHSTAD (EDWARDS - 1954) and HILLARY JORDAAN (McINNES – 1957) also live in Kew Gardens.

MARLENE GRIFFIN (DEACON – 1953): Marlene is delighted to be celebrating another year with her old school friends. She maintains that although we are all getting older, our spirits stay young. Life goes on, but she misses her dear husband Bob tremendously. She has a wonderful family, and she enjoys happy times with her two children, Julie and Peter, and her grandchildren. Life is good.

GYLL CRAUSAZ (RANGER – 1954): Gyll enjoyed seeing everyone again, all from the school where she was so happy. She lives in a retirement village in Richmond, called Evelyn House, and she still enjoys her little garden, even though she can’t work in it like she used to do.

HELENE EICHSTADT (EDWARDS – 1954): Helene was able to join us for our OG re-union lunch, because due to the heavy rain, her bowls was cancelled. (She is a champion!) She and her husband Errol had a big move from their home, after an unpleasant experience in their home. They are now living in Kew Gardens. They have settled in well, and are enjoying a smaller garden.

LESLE-ANN EWAN (1960): Lesley-Ann has recently been in P.E. for 2 months, to be Mrs Goldberg’s care giver’s care giver. Mrs Goldberg is 97. Lesley-Ann saw KAY NEWMAN (REYNOLDS) who says she must take up bowls, so that she can meet a husband!! SHIRLEY

(WENTZEL) - headgirl of 1960, met them at the bowls club. They had a good chinwag. Lesley-Ann stayed in MARILYN DAVIS’ (GOLDBERG) home, which has a 360o view of P.E. She also saw CAROL LAW (BARNES), who had spent the day in bed on the day the votes were coming through! Carol is off to her brother John Barnes for Christmas. He lives in Spain. EVELYN BENATAR (GOLDBERG)  is in Canada, where her husband Solly works for a few months of every year. JOCELYN GOLDBERG lives in England with her Mark. Lesley-Ann says Founders’ Day this year was excellent. It just happened to be when she was in P.E.

LIZ TURRELL (GRANT – 1968): Liz is married to Glen, who is a well known musician. They have 3 children, and 2 gorgeous grandchildren. Liz is a small time caterer, and loves the freedom to work ‘odd’ hours. She has 3 fulltime assistants, and she is delighted that she has been able to support the daughter of one of these ladies, to reach her potential, and she is now in her second year at University. Liz is recovering from a knee replacement operation, and was delighted to see OGs and maintain contact.

MOIRA LONGE (KILLEEN 1984): Moira is still working at the Westville Baptist Church. She is married to an Old Grey boy, Paul, for 27 years. They have two children - Justine (23) and Chris (20). She had the greatest fun going with SUE HAGEMANN (ATKINSON) to New Zealand, where they stayed with VIV BRODERICK (HICKS). She has recently been to P.E., to celebrate MARGIE SMITH’S (EDDS) 50th birthday. This is the time for the Class of ’84 to be turning 50.

LOUISE BOHLKEN (RUIJSCH VAN DUGTEREN - 1970): Louise is still comfortably busy with church, orchestra and her 3 grandchildren. Her daughter lives in nearby Hillcrest, and her son is in China.

PATTY DOUGLAS (BRITTON - 1970): Patty is now retired from Art teaching and Décor. Co., and enjoying travel in S.A., especially the Karoo!! She loves being retired. Patty has had regular contact with DOREEN REDFERN (HARVEY 1970), who is Vice Head of School in the UK, and lives in Greenwhich, and PATTY AVERY (MIDDLEBROOK), who lives Johannesburg and Port Alfred, and FAITH BIGGS in Port Elizabeth - now retired and looking very svelte and healthy. Patty’s daughter Laura is 31 years old, and has taken a sabbatical to travel, and her son has his own computer business.

ELIZABETH BROPHY (DUNCAN - 1970): Liz and her husband Mike (now retired) live in Westville. Their son Sean and his wife Tanja produced their first grandchild last year - a beautiful little girl. Two daughters - Sinead nursing in Durban, and Siobhan in London. Mike and Liz are going to Ireland for Christmas, to spend it with Mike’s family who live in Cork. Liz and Mike baby-sit their little granddaughter every weekday morning, while Tanja is teaching. Hard work, but they love it.

HILLARY JORDAAN (McINNES - 1957): Hillary lives in Kew Gardens Retirement Village. As she is a Trustee, she is kept very busy. Hillary is off on her travels again - this time she is joining a tour group in October, to tour Croatia and the islands.

NICKY ARMSTRONG (KANNEMEYER – 1955):  After ‘retiring’ from organising the KZN OG group’s annual ‘get together’, she is back again! This time HILLARY JORDAAN shouldered the bulk of the organization of our luncheon. Nicky and her husband Basil are still rattling around in their large home, and hoping to buy a cottage in Kew Gardens. Their son Nicholas (49) lives in Hout Bay - not married, just a steady girlfriend / partner; daughter Lindy (47) and her husband Mark live on a golf estate in West Malling, Kent in the UK - no children - too busy travelling, and Heather (44) - divorced with two beautiful daughters - their only grandchildren. Nicky hopes to visit the UK children again next year. This year, the whole family is gathering in Cape Town for Christmas. To accommodate everybody, Nicky and Basil have hired a house in Stellenbosch, for the 2 weeks the family will be together.


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